With Medcor Telemed both employers and employees have a dedicated resource for navigating telemedicine and work-related injuries:

Patient Care Navigators

Patient Care Navigators are customer service specialists
who ensure the telemedicine experience is positive and successful.

Navigators and Employees

Navigators stay with employees throughout the entire process as a guide and health advocate.

Navigators and Employees and Doctors

Navigators introduce employees to their doctors and are present during the virtual visit.

After the doctor leaves the session, Navigators help explain where to fill prescriptions, how to schedule physical therapy and what to do if patients need to follow up.

Employers appreciate that Navigators document the visit. They value that Navigators are there to clarify occupational health information, including:

  • Work status, such as return to work
  • Treatment orders, such as prescriptions and referrals
  • Restrictions, such as modified or alternate duty
Navigators assist with workers’ comp administrative requirements and send reports to employers and TPAs at the conclusion of the virtual visit.

Discover how Medcor’s fully-navigated service model

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