What is Medcor Telemed?

Medcor Telemed is a 24/7 telemedicine service available to employees
who experience health concerns at work.

Doctors belonging to a group of qualified physicians have been selected
from a nationwide network to see Telemed patients.

Medcor Telemed is available in all 50 states to employees who received a telemedicine referral through a Medcor Injury Triage phone call or during a visit to a Medcor clinic.

If you are a Medcor Telemed patient and wish to follow up regarding your Telemed care,
please call your Injury Triage phone number or visit your Medcor clinic.

What is Medcor?

Medcor is a health navigation company that navigates patients to the right level of care at the right time. We do this by making care accessible through onsite clinics, telephonic injury triage, and telemedicine.

We use technology and evidence-based medicine, that is, medicine that has been founded in science and backed by research, to get our medical assessments right, right away. Our assessments lead to the most appropriate care for a health concern. Thanks to our technology and evidence-based medicine, we know when an injury only needs first aid, or when it can benefit from telemedicine, or when it requires the in-person care of an offsite medical professional.

Medcor patients can be confident that the care they receive is specific to their personal needs and supported by Medcor’s experience and expertise in health navigation.